February 2014 - To patent or not to patent – that is the question...

Dear Bootlawyers, So far, in the 2014 series of Bootlaw, we have walked you through the inside track on fundraising and developing your first app. However, a crucial aspect, and one which is not often given enough attention, is that of protecting your IP, and specifically whether your product can and should be patented.

And so we welcome two legal experts on all things patent related, Indra Bhattacharya and Adrian Murray, solicitors at Pinsent Masons. Bootlaw, on Wednesday 19 February 2014, will see Adrian and Indra provide an overview of the patent system and issues that can arise in trying to patent computer related inventions. This will be followed by a quick overview of what can be protected by patent as opposed to copyright - an essential bit of know how for any budding entrepreneur.

Bootlawyers can RSVP here for this (in this Bootlawyer's opinion) essential Bootlaw masterclass in IP protection.


The format of the evening will be, as usual:

6.30pm – Doors open, beer and networking

7:00pm – Legal bit starts.

8:00pm – Legal bit ends; more beer, pizza and networking.

9:00pm – End

UPDATE: Here are the slides for this session:

To patent or not to patent