Legal status and form is a service provided by Pinsent Masons LLP.

Pinsent Masons LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales (registered number: OC333653) authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the appropriate regulatory body in the other jurisdictions in which it operates. The word ‘partner’, used in relation to the LLP, refers to a member of the LLP or an employee or consultant of the LLP or any affiliated firm who is a lawyer with equivalent standing and qualifications. A list of members of the LLP, and of those non-members who are designated as partners, is available and is displayed at the LLP’s registered office: 30 Crown Place, London EC2A 4ES, United Kingdom.

We use ‘Pinsent Masons’ to refer to Pinsent Masons LLP and affiliated entities that practise under the name ‘Pinsent Masons’ or a name that incorporates those words. Reference to ‘Pinsent Masons’ is to Pinsent Masons LLP and/or one or more of those affiliated entities as the context requires.

Pinsent Masons has offices in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, Turkey, Australia, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the People’s Republic of China.

Further information about us is available at

Professional regulation

Pinsent Masons LLP and those of its lawyers who are admitted as solicitors in England and Wales, are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (the independent regulatory body of the Law Society of England and Wales). Our Scottish qualified solicitors are regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and our Hong Kong affiliated entity is regulated by the Law Society of Hong Kong.

The firm is also registered with:

The Law Society of Scotland; 
The Law Society of Hong Kong; and
The Legal Affairs Department of the Government of Dubai.
Due to the regulatory system in the People’s Republic of China, Pinsent Masons is not registered with a local law society. The Shanghai and Beijing offices operate under certificates granted by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China, 10 Chaoyang Men Nan Da Road, Beijing, People’s Republic of China (telephone: +86 10 6520 5919).

All of our qualified lawyers are subject to rules and principles of professional conduct. The following links are to the relevant professional regulations.


As required under the Solicitors’ Indemnity Insurance Rules, Pinsent Masons LLP maintains professional indemnity insurance. That insurance is with Travelers Insurance Company Limited of Exchequer Court, 33 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8AE, United Kingdom and covers our professional services worldwide.


Pinsent Masons LLP is registered for VAT purposes with VAT registration number GB 109 5305 85.


Unless stated otherwise we may charge interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 on unpaid bills or any part thereof.

Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

Various practices of the firm are affected by financial services legislation according to different jurisdictions. Pinsent Masons and its clients are required to comply with the appropriate regulations.

The firm is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. We are, however, able in certain circumstances to offer a limited range of investment services to clients because The Law Society of England and Wales and the Law Society of Scotland have been granted designated professional body status by HM Treasury.

We can provide these investment services where they are closely linked to the professional services we have been engaged to provide. We can also provide services in relation to investments which are a necessary part of our professional services or which we are otherwise permitted to provide under the above Act.

Even though we are not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 we are included on the register maintained by the Financial Services Authority so that we can carry on insurance mediation activity, which is broadly the advising on, selling and administration of insurance contracts. This part of our business, including arrangements for complaints or redress if something goes wrong, is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (the independent regulatory body of the Law Society) and, in relation to our Scottish qualified solicitors, the Law Society of Scotland. The register can be accessed via the Financial Services Authority website.

Market Abuse Directive 2005

The Market Abuse Directive imposes obligations on listed companies concerning the disclosure and control of inside (ie price sensitive) information.  If you are a fully listed company, we can assist you in complying with your obligations, if so requested – for example, by maintaining an insider list in accordance with the disclosure rules.

Further Information and complaints

All requests for further information or any complaints about Pinsent Masons (including complaints concerning our fees and charges) should be addressed in the first instance with your client partner, failing which they should be addressed to the Senior Partner at 30 Crown Place, London EC2A 4ES, United Kingdom.

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, then the Legal Ombudsman in England and Wales, the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission in Scotland or the Conduct Section of the Law Society of Hong Kong (as appropriate), may help to resolve your complaint.  You may also be entitled, if your complaint relates to charges incurred in England & Wales, to apply to the court for an assessment of your bill under Part III of the Solicitors Act 1974.

Details of the services of those organisations and how to apply can be found at the following websites: