Why is it important?

  • Attracts customers/clients and increases credibility.
  • Can reduce advertising costs and can generate income through external advertising.
  • Helps target a wider market.


  • Terms and Conditions.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Cookie Policy.

How can we help?

  • We provide a complete package of contractual and policies which are designed to protect your business from the various risks associated with doing business online as well as help you comply with the various rules and regulations which apply to businesses which trade on the web.
  • The Terms of Website Use set out the terms on which users can accept and use your website, and the Acceptable Use Policy contains the rules and standards with which your users must comply when they are using your website’s features (e.g. uploading user generated content).
  • The Terms and Conditions of Supply are the terms on which you provide goods or services to your customers via your website. These will cover a full range of terms on which you trade including protection of your IP, limitation of liability, charges, returns policy, choice of law, etc.
  • The Privacy & Cookie Policy will set out your business’ practices regarding the collection, storage and use of personal data including information regarding the cookies on your website.

Typical legal fees: Fees for drafting the complete package of listed documents typically range from £2,500- £6,500, depending on the complexity of the services offered by the company.